NPT: Candy Shock by Catrice

Yes, yes it’s Thursday again. Almost the end of the week. And what will I bring you today….




This April and May Catrice will brighten up your world with its limited edition “Candy Shock”. Their marketing people describe the collection as “ballerina couture with a twist” and “A world full of fun reflected in a landscape of pastel colours”. Sounds interesting right, let’s check out a selection of the collection.


Soft baked Eye Shadow

These eye shadows can be applied in dry or wet, so you can determine yourself the intensity of the colour. Price: € 3,89 .



C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!, C02 Play It Blue


C03 Bring Me Peach en C04 It’s Honey Money.


Lip Balm Stick

These balm sticks have two properties. On one hand you get intense lip care and on the other had you get a dash of colour. Price:€ 3,99



C01 Bring Me Peach en C02 Sugar Shock.


Multi Colour Blush & Highlighter

Price: blush at €4,59 and Highlighter at €4,99



C01 Sugar Shock, C01 Vanilla Love



Check out the website for more information and for the full product list. The limited edition will be in store in April and May.

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  1. never heard of this brand before but i would really love to try them! x

    1. Not sure where you live but I think it's mainly sold in Europe. and its got some amazing products!