NPT: Essence product update

How fast does a week go. Thursday passed by and I couldn’t get this entry online yesterday. I had started writing it but I had to get ready for a Job Event so I couldn’t get it finished.


So today’s entry is about the brand new products of essence. They have already been in the shops for about two-three weeks but they still need to pass by the blog. In the haul of this month there will probably one or two products from the updated collection passing by as well.


Here is a little view on the new products that have hit the stores.





3D eyeshadow: a total of 9 duo eye shadows



Mono Eyeshadow: 5 new mono eye shadow colours



2 Night club pallets


Personally I’m not too much into the mono eye shadows of Essence, so I’m a bit sceptical towards pretty much any eye shadow products. I tried the 3D shadows in the shop and I wasn’t really convinced.

The eye shadow products that I do love from Essence are the cream shadows “Stay all day” (but I think they were taken out of production) and the pigments. Speaking of which…



There will be three new colours added. From what I can tell these will be added to the permanent collection





    - 4 gel tints
    - 3 new lipsticks
    - 1 new stay with me lip-gloss
    - 1 new XXXL shine lip-gloss
    - 4 Stay Matt lip-glosses



Essence’s translucent powder was very loved all over YouTube, will these updated products convince you all?

Essence is also releasing their BB cream. It will be available in three shades (1 universal, 2 natural and 3 medium)




Essence is releasing two new “nude glam” colours and seven new “colour & go colours.


Personally my experience with Essence is quite limited. Like I said before I don’t really like the mono eye shadows. I think I only got one which I got as a gift when I purchased in an online shop and its pigmentation simply isn’t satisfactory for me. I do love the pigments and the cream eye shadows. In last month’s haul there were also some eyeliners that appeared by the brand, one which I really liked and still like and the other one that was useless. So I have a bit of a sceptical relationship to the brand. However I do have to say that the things that I have bought which were released as limited editions I do like. So I would definitely suggest reading prduct reviews before you decide to buy. And I know that Essence doesn’t make a lot of samples available as it is a low cost brand, but if there are any samples in the shop do try the product out before purchasing it.

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  1. Hmm, I've never heard of this brand. It seems like everyone is jumping on the BB cream wagon and coming out with one!

    1. I believe it's a German brand. I'm not sure where you are from but as far as I've heard it's available in Europe, not sure whether it's available in the States or anything. Yeah everyone has got BBcreams coming out these days. Although I do see that the European brands don't really got the exact properties as the asian porducts and it turns out to be tinted moistures.
      xoxo Katerina