NPT: I’m perfection by Illamasqua



We’re all perfectly imperfect


I was so pleasantly surprised when this email landed in my inbox. It is about the latest Illamasqua collection. As far as I know it is a British brand and it has their own stores in the UK, and in some countries it is available in other stores such as Sephora.




I just instantly fell in love with the new nail varnishes.  It looks like a little bird’s egg and I thought it was so very cute. There’s a total of five colours, which you can see in the picture above.

If only I had a store nearby… Personally I do think almost 20 euros for a nail polish is a bit expensive plus about 10 euros for shipping, but I have heard that the brand does do promotions on several occasions, whether it’s free shipping or reduced prices.


For all of those who don’t have an Illamasqua store nearby, the brand’s website does ship internationally, so you can take a look on there.


Price: £14.50 (€17.34)

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  1. La imagen del huevo es súper chula, no me extraña que te gustara, pues quizá si los veo me decida a probarlos, aunque al final siempre soy muy dejada con las uñas, me da una pereza horrible cambiarmelas.
    Me gusta mucho tu blog así que comienzo a seguirte

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