Review: Light your fire


Last week I talked to you about the new Limited edition by Catrice called Crème Fresh. Even though I had a spending ban till my holiday next week I could not help myself, but I only got one nail polish and believe it was not easy resisting.

I’d thought I’d bring you a little review since this product will only be available for a little time.

The nail polish I went for is the hot pink called “Light your fire”. I would say it is definitely the brightest colour in the collection. It’s a bit the odd one out comparing to the other pastel colours. The nail polish has a metal, frosty finish. The colour reminds me a lot of cupcakes, it’s very lovely. It is definitely a spring/summer colour.

The nail polish is very easy to apply with the wide brush. You only need to apply one coat. Once applied, it lasts about two day without chipping at the edges of the nails without a top coat applied. It’s amazing to combine with a top coat with for instance golden glitter.

What do you think of this nail polish?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw! En wat een mooie nagels heb je <3

  2. Dank je! Ondertussen door de stress en het nagelbijten zijn ze verdwenen, hopelijken keren ze snel weer! X