Neo Geisha [Limited Edition] by Catrice

Catrice is back with another limited edition, Neo Geisha, inspired by the Japanese Geisha look.


The Limited Edition “Neo Geisha” by CATRICE is a modern interpretation of the traditional Geisha look that unites artistic Japanese elements with facets of the Western World. The colours: red, dark blue and nude are mixed with intensive green, pink and purple. A combination of classical and modern. - Catrice


The collection consists out of four mono eye shadows, one ultra black Kohl Kajal, patch eye liners, three lip and cheek colours, a lip brush and five nail polishes.


Check out below which products, got to go home with me.


First of I bought two of the mono eyeshadows. There are a total of four, but only two convinced me enough to buy them. Catrice mono eye shadow usually tend to be of quite good quality so you can hardly go wrong.


So the first colour I bought is the purple one, which is number 03 “Dance in Gion” and when you apply it, it has got a pearl finish. It really is a lovely colour and highly pigmented.


The second colour is 01 “Japaneyese” and it is a dark blue/grey colour. In the packaging you can see little blue and silver glitters but they aren’t too obvious.


The two remaining colours were a bright green and a light almost nude colour.




Price: €2,95

Secondly, I totally fell for the lip and cheek colours. I only swatched two out of three in the shop but I so loved the creamy texture, that I took all three home with me.




There are three colours available

  • C01 Discreet Artist (left)
  • C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms (right)
  • C03 Madam Butterfly (middle)

Like I said before the texture is very creamy and they are quite well pigmented. The first one is quite a light colour and might not be very visible on a tinted skin or on very pigmented lips. It is definitely a good to colour if you’re going for a natural look.

The lip and cheek colour give your skin and lips a nice colour and a bit of a glow.



Price:  € 3,95


Neo Geisha Trailer

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