My winter skincare products (part 2)

Last week I talked to you about the first product that I use for skincare. Today I’ll tell you all about my second product, which is Olaz essential beauty fluid.


I have been using this for a few weeks now and it works perfectly as a base underneath the foundation. I think there is this misconception about Olaz (or Olay in some countries) being a brand for the mature skin. Apart from the line for mature skin, it is has got a whole line of products for sensitive skin, dry to normal skin, I believe they also have some products for combo skin or oily skin, but I would definitely say their strong point is dry skin, or problematic skin.

Olaz about the Essential Beauty Fluid: A tried and tested classic, trusted for generations, that contains a unique combination of precious Olay moisture and an amino acid rich moisturising factor. It helps lock in moisture and maintain hydration levels. Its 100% Colour and fragrance free formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin. As soon as you try it you will notice the difference: softer, smoother looking skin!

The product I bought is the one that is especially for sensitive skin. The texture is very light and gets absorbed very quickly into the skin. I recently read it can also be mixed with the foundation but I haven’t tried that yet.
I know I have been using it for a relatively small period of time, but so far I am really liking the way it leaves my skin feeling.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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