Leaving Soon – Catrice edition

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Some brands have announced the update of their product lines and therefore also the discontinuation of some products… Of course there is one small advantage for us. Al products go at a 50% discount so it’s a good deal for us.


Today in this post I will by talking about a Catrice eye shadow pallet that is being discontinued. I found this in a drugstore in the city while we were shopping, in my village the 50% sale of this brand still hasn’t arrived.




The pallet I got is 060 Rumble in the jungle and it’s from the Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Pallets. It consists out of four eye shadows, a gold one, two green tones and a purple.




The gold colour has got a nice sparkle to it, which hasn’t been captured by the camera, more than just a colour, it looks like really small particles right next to each other. It has a metallic finish.


The light green tone is a very lovely green shade which, just as the gold colour, appears to be composed of small particles in green and gold shimmer. It has a metallic finish.




The dark green shade looks like an old bronze colour with green undertones. It has got a metallic finish.


And finally the purple shade. The purple colour is the one that is the least pigmented but keep in mind that on the picture the swatches are made in dry and without any base underneath. When you look at the shade in the pallet it appears to be a matt purple tone, however on the swatches it has got a metallic shine to it. It’s definitely a colour that you can built up to gain more intensity.


I’m not completely sure about the price, but I think it’s around 2,30€. In Belgium and the Netherlands Catrice is available in Kruidvat. I’m not sure but I’m guessing the 50% sale will also be applied in other countries. For more information on the products that are discontinued, check here.

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