It’s a snowjam!

This year doesn’t feel like winter yet. At least when we look outside, there is no snow, it isn’t even really cold yet. But when I walked into the store yesterday and checked out this brand new limited edition I felt in a winter wonderland, if only just for a minute.

Essence brand new limited edition is called “Snow Jam” and it is all based on winter sports, ski- and snowboard outfits and of course not to forget all the après-ski parties! The Snow Jam colours are purple, turquoise, petroleum green and frosty pastel colours. Are you ready for some winter fun?

The products that immediately caught my eye when I saw the collection the other day were the eye shadow sorbet. I have three from a previous collection and I’ve been very happy with those. The only down side that Essence has, is due to the fact that it is a low cost brand, in most cases it doesn’t provide any samples to try. So when I can home I looked up some swatches to see whether or not I could be persuaded to get these. And yes… after seeing the swatches I could not resist.

The sorbets do not have names, only a number. #1 is a pastel purple, #2 a pastel green and #3 is a petroleum/deep green. I would say the deep green is definitely my favourite. I has little silver particles in it. It’s so lovely.
The pastel colours applied give a very nice frosty look, perfect for these winter days.

At this point I have only tried swatching them on my arm, so I can’t really say anything about their duration on the eyes. But since this is a limited edition and there aren’t too many swatches available, I already wanted to do this article. I have to say the camera did not capture entirely the brightness of the pastel purple.
As some of you might know I have several allergies and I need to try every product out before actually apply them to my face (and so far so good). On my arm they had quiet a long duration. I would definitely suggest to work fast because ones they dry, they won’t move.

The collection will be in store during January and February 2013. I know this collection is available in Belgium and Holland, not sure about other countries. The eye shadow sorbets costs €2,49 each and contain 4,5g.

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