My winter skincare products (part 3)

And finally, the last part of my skincare routine.

As a combination to the Olaz essential Beauty Fluid I have been using the night cream from the same line (Olaz essential double action). And I just feel that my skin feels softer and even though the winter is very mild at the moment I haven’t felt as if my skin is cracking due to the dryness.


Olaz about the Essential Double Action:
Containing precious Olay moisture, it helps to replace the moisture lost during the day and enhances the natural regeneration process at skin surface. Its 100% Colour and fragrance free formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Wake up to soft and beautiful skin every day!

I have to say my mother got the Double action cream for the dry to normal skin type and she is also loving it!

At this point I have still been using the Nivea Creme. I mostly use it once a week now in the weekends, mostly Sundays to give an extra bit of moisture to my face and on the other nights I use the Olaz night cream. The Olaz beauty fluid I tend to use when there is some redness in my face and I would like to cover it up using foundation, so I use it as a base underneath it. When there isn’t too much redness in my face, I tend to use BBCreams as they are more hydrating.

I have a forth skincare product which I use, however not on a daily base, but I will talk to you about this product in another entry as it has got a lot of properties!

These are definitely products that everyone can afford when it comes to the pricing, they are very economic compared to the high end products, like for instance Estee Lauder’s all night repair, which for now remains on my wish list. :-). The products mention in this entry can be found in drugstores.

Soon I will tell you about a new product I have been trying and my opinion about it.

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