LE “Crème Fresh” by CATRICE

In this post I would love to present to you the current limited edition by Catrice, which goes by the name “Crème Fresh”. One of the big advantage of this brand is that it is a very affordable brand and it has a brand new limited edition almost each month. 

“Crème Fresh” is inspired by the 60s and based of pastel colours.

Wash-off pastels and 60’s flavour. The designers are heading into the Spring/Summer Season 2014 with sorbet shades and feminine retro silhouettes. Shift dresses, A-line skirts, blouses with round collars, cat-eye sunglasses, curved eyeliner and backcombed, up-do hairstyles à la Audrey Hepburn determine the look. Tone in tone, mint green, apricot and pink prefer to stay amongst themselves to create a delicate, sensual image. The new Limited Edition “Crème Fresh” by CATRICE presents the latest trend colours with a retro style from February to March 2014. Meet the 60’s – by CATRICE.

Check out their limited edition with me…

Creamy Powder Eyeshadow

C01 Jame’s Brown                  C02 Another Pink Panther
C03 Evergreen 60s                C04 So Jackie O.                

Gradation Blush

C01 Waterloo Sunrise

Lip Balm


C01 Another Pink Panther, C02 Evergreen 60s, C03 The Peach Boys

Ultimate Nail Lacquer


C01 The Peach Boys, C02 Make Fast At Tiffany’s,  C03 Evergreen 60s
C04 Another Pink Panther, C05 Light Your Fire

“Crème Fresh” is now available. Visit Catrice.eu for more information.

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